Tuesday, May 2, 2017

April Days


Easter came and went with grown and flown children coming and going. It's always so good to see each one, no matter how short the visit may be. On Good Friday evening our church hosted a screening of 'Risen' (and Prince of Egypt for the younger children). Many strings of popcorn were made (while baking hot cross buns was underway) to hang over the popcorn and lollie bar. Jess and Jose made it 'home' in time to join us of the movie night.

Easter Saturday we had a family picnic at a riverside park on the edge of town. The weather was perfect and we had the park entirely to ourselves - apart from a very playful resident German Shepherd dog who chased the frisbees until he was exhausted.

My shoulder has been gradually healing from the dislocation three weeks ago and much to my relief I have discovered I can manage some gentle hand sewing. Two more blocks for my Ice Cream Soda quilt are now complete and I've returned to the shabby chic classic hexagon quilt I began over a year ago. Having the fabrics already chosen and many cut into hexagons made this a possible task while mostly resting my right arm in a sling.

I am discovering how useful my phone camera is as using my 'real' cameras poses serious safety issues to the shoulder for now. Most the photos above were taken with my iPhone 5S, with some editing - including the kangaroos in our church grounds.

We celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary in April. Our daughters surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers to celebrate the occasion - they know......

As the autumn weather is now pleasantly warm and not hot, Miss O has regained her enthusiasm for gardening. As I type this the younger three girls are preparing the ground for planting. We've enjoyed time this morning examining and sketching various seeds and seed pods which will soon be planted in the soil. The poppy seed heads were saved from last year's plantings. I love the details made more visible with my phone camera. I think I'll head downstairs and see how they are going.  :)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Change of Plans

The blogpost in which everything is done left handed....

Two minor floods in recent weeks, thankful we missed the torrential rains and major floods a short distance to our north. The rural location I grew up in had over 400mm (16") in one day! Needless to say, everything is beautifully green here as we head into autumn.

Enjoying some stunning sunrises and sunsets at the moment -reminding me of some amazing red skies of my childhood....

Miss N and Miss E are home from Sydney for a few short day - very exciting to collect family from the airport! 

I've been busily working on a large organic cotton quilt for J and Jess, enjoy the quilting process now which I am about half way through and was hoping to finish in the next week or two but last night I tripped coming up our stairs carrying things in both hands - dislocating my right shoulder  :(  I had never been in an ambulance before. They were really good at our local Accident and Emergency. The doctor popped it back in place but it came out a second time as I carefully tried to put my jacket on to leave.   :(  So I am now using a sling and resting it with quite a long wait ahead for quilting and many other activities. I don't think I can even use my camera left handed - but I can construct a blog post. The X-rays confirmed the only thing broken is the bowl I was carrying up the stairs  :)

Friday, March 24, 2017

Every Day

Perched on our avocado tree

The fig trees are a species native to Queensland - ficusmicrocarpahillii

Every day we have the opportunity to choose a positive attitude, to be the change we want to see and to encourage ourselves and others to face the future with faith and hope. There is always something to be grateful for, always some grace and beauty to focus our attention on, always new dreams to dream and work towards. Life is an incredible gift. What I see and capture through my camera reminds me to focus on all that is beautiful, excellent and praiseworthy - and there is never any shortage of those things if I will but take the time to look.

(Details of each photo will appear as you hover over them with your mouse/touchpad)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Seasonal Sewing + Etsy Update





As I stitch I like to think of the little stories the fabrics tell. Sometimes they speak of seasons, other times it may be happy tales of the garden. The block directly above was completed on the day of Mr J's wedding - here it is sitting with Master T's groomsman's waistcoat, new shoes and satin tie. I believe my favourite Ice Cream Soda Quilt block is still the one below.

I've really enjoyed sourcing more favourite fabrics and Extra Fine polyester thread in new colours for my Etsy shop. Many of the organic fabrics I stock are exclusive to the Australasian market in regards to their colours or the fabric type. Other fabrics have been purchased directly from the US or are now out of print and very difficult to find. There are a handful of fabrics which are not organic, including a cute Little Red Riding Hood print which is a very fine 75% linen, 25% cotton fabric. I've also introduced flat rate shipping within Australia of $3.50 on all fabric orders. For US fabric orders, I can usually ship a whole metre (39") at the rate quoted for a half metre, depending on the fabric's weight.

With so many beautiful fabrics on hand it's very tempting to think about sewing more than just quilts. The Wee Wander print above would make gorgeous little girls dresses. What would you make with the Little Red Riding Hood fabric?

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